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Electromagnetic Radiation, EMR

Surveys - 5 main elements

  • Radio Frequency Radiation

    • Cell towers

    • WiFi

    • Cell phones

    • Cordless phones

    • Other


  • AC Magnetic Fields​

    • Ambient levels

    • Source detection


  • AC Electric Fields

    • Bed map assessment

    • Body Voltage testing


  • Microsurge Electrical Pollution (MEP) also called Dirty Electricity

    • Reduction strategies

    • Appropriate filtration

    • Source detection


  • Electrical System

    • Proper grounding

    • Wiring errors

    • Net current

    • Foreign current


  • Sleep Sanctuary​

    • Identify proper circuits to turn off at night​

    • Install remote cut-off switch for select circuits

    • Shield high frequency radiation, electric fields, and magnetic fields

    • Eliminate EMF sources 

  • Wireless devices

    • Replace WiFi with Ethernet wires and jacks

    • Cell phone exposure reduction 

    • Turn off wireless functions in devices

  • Electrical System

    • Work with electrician to correct wiring errors and install whole house MEP filter

    • Work with plumber to remove current from the water pipe 

Full Check

  • Complete survey

    • Asses all 5 elements listed above

    • Usually 4-6 hours, depending on size of home and complexity of issues

Quick Check

  • Cursory walk through

    • Limited depth of scope​

    • Not best practice but can be a good starting place

  • Measure a specific area of concern​

Pre-purchase Check

  • Measure home before you buy

    • Asses all 5 elements listed above

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