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     Welcome to EMF Check.  In 2018 I discovered that I have a hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields.  Ever since then, I have been working to learn as much as I can about how to reduce my exposure to electric fields, magnetic fields, and radio frequency microwaves.  I have greatly improved the electro-climate in my home and now have a refuge when I can recover from daily exposures.  This is something I want to help other people do -- to create a sleep sanctuary in a low EMF home.

I have been studying EMF mitigation through various avenues: online; consulting with experts; and taking classes.   I am currently enrolled in Building Biology training and expect to be certified in 2023.  This complex field of study involves continuous learning and I have joined a network of EMF colleagues who support each other in this important work. 

Please contact me to discuss my service or ask me questions.

I live in Woodstock, NY and will travel to your home for surveys and mitigation.  I am also available for phone consultations.  

- Rex Funk



When it comes to man-made EMFs
my motto is

"The Less, The Merrier"

This site is fairly new so please be patient and check back again soon.  I will be providing educational materials in the form of videos and pdf's as well as links to important information.

I will also post about relevant events in my local area and on the internet.

There will be recommended products available as well.

Thanks for visiting!

Contact Details

Rex Funk

Woodstock, NY

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